Business Course for Scientists


The Precise Sequence and Exact Steps to a thriving deep-tech business


Market Trends, Competition, Mindset and Personal Values, Vision, Blue Ocean Strategy, Storytelling.

Learning Outcome: A clear exciting story for what your business will achieve, why it is important and what is your unfair advantage.


Leadership, and other skills required. When and how to bring them online. How to build balanced teams. How to find people. How to pay them. How to establish the culture.

Learning Outcome: List of what skills and qualities you need for different functions in your business. Deeper understanding of why culture is important and needs to be managed.


Product innovation, business model innovation, explore options, decide.

Learning Outcome: Learn and apply the best-in-class innovation tools to your business idea, how to capture, prioritize, get buy-in from your team.


Metrics, Sprinting, Milestones, Sales, Funding, Cadence, Marketing

Learning Outcome: What should you measure and how to get your team to help you measure it. List of milestones for the next 18 months.

                    DURATION:                        2 x 90 mins Sessions

                    Max No of Participants:             8

Session 1 –>  TUESDAY        7th of December, 17.00 GMT

Session 2 –>  WEDNESDAY   8th of December, 17.00 GMT

COST :  € 297


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    About Vasilis Hartzoulakis

    Entrepreneur, Product Strategist, Innovator, Champion Martial Artist. Leader of multidisciplinary cross-functional teams delivering life-saving drugs, digital products, or services. Mentor and facilitator, helping other scientists and technologists.

    What people are saying for Vasilis

    Mark Watson

    Co Founder & CEO

    Basil supported a team of scientists and programmers in building a B2B value proposition for pharma and FMCG enterprises. He was always keen to test the hypotheses underpinning the Product Development process with customers and he was involved in several successful enterprise sales.​

    Raminderpal Singh

    Co Founder & CEO

    Basil worked tirelessly with the team to translate complex scientific concepts to manageable pieces of functionality that could be prioritized against customer and business needs.

    Nicholas Marsh

    Head of Egnineering

    It was really refreshing to work with a Product Manager who can help scientist and technologists successfully navigate the commercial landscape around their inventions. Basil will use hard market data to justify strategic business decisions but when exploring solutions, he can be full of creative energy and enthusiasm.​

    Becky Sage

    Director of Acceleration

    Basil enabled our team to have productive discussions on vision and product strategy. He adapted to our needs quickly and channelled our creativity and energy. His approach uses well understood tools in a thoughtful and disciplined fashion to align the team. His interactions with the whole team were considerate and efficient.​


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